Rates/Commissions/Company Reputation.

When it boils down to choosing products to offer your clients these three things are going to be your deciding factors. Independent Agents have chosen to be independent for the freedom to choose their own individual blend of those three factors. As a full service Marketing Company, it is our role to be able to offer agents the wide range of companies neccessary to find their own unique combination of companies to complete their individual product portfolio.

Yes, clients want the best possible rate available at every given moment, and Independent Agents are always looking for those Hot Rates to be offering their clients. We strive to stay in front of the pack, to make sure our agents are always aware of these rates, and at the same time, we offer our best advice on stability of rates, how to find Hot Rates on difficult to place business (not just an agent's healthy, easy to place, cases), and the many other factors that make each rate best for each agent's specific needs.

Independent Agents are known for putting their clients interests ahead of their own, first and foremost. But, we know that at the end of the day, agents are looking out for their own personal interests immediately after their clients needs. Independent Agents deserve the maximum possible commission for their efforts as they invest in their clients interests. We work on our agents' behalf to make sure they're getting every bit that they deserve. Whether staying on top of new commission structures being offered, or negotiating commissions directly with companies, we do this with our agents' best interests in mind.

Company Reputation
There is much more that goes into a company's reputation than simply an A.M. Best rating. We understand that there may be restrictions at times that require agents to work within certain A.M. Best ratings, but our evaluations go beyond simply quoting our agents a 3rd party rating. We want our agents to be informed of the small details that often become much more important in deciding which companies to work with than these ratings. How fast does a company issue its policies? How easy is that company to work with from an individual agent's standpoint? How new is a company to a specific line of business? How stable are the company's rates? These questions and many more help us to draw up an evaluation of each company's reputation which is valuable far beyond any A+, A, or B+ ratings.